Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sugar Egg Flour's Belgian triple chocolate fudge brownies

Our signature brownies are dense and fudgy with generous chunks of Belgian Callebaut dark, milk and white chocolate. 

mmmmm... brownie

Now that's just being cruel. Sorry!


  1. Mel, what type of sugar do you recommend for this?
    Your longing assistant, Carly xx

  2. It really doesn't matter whether you use plain or caster sugar for this, I normally use plain sugar unless a recipe specifies caster sugar just because it's cheaper.

  3. Thanks Mel. How about dark brown sugar? Would this work?

  4. And with baking is unsalted butter preferred?

  5. I can't see why it wouldn't 'work' with dark brown sugar but it certainly won't taste the same as if you used white sugar. If you don't understand this just taste some of each sugar, the dark brown sugar will have almost a caramelised burnt flavour to it where as the white sugar is unflavoured yet sweet.
    In regards to the butter I just use whatever I have around which more often than not is salted butter. If I'm making something which has a very delicate flavour I will make sure I use unsalted but with this recipe it's fine to use either.

  6. Thanks Mel, I will be making this soon! And with white sugar.