Friday, 18 March 2011

Well hello there world

I never really realised how difficult it is to find the right words to begin something like this with. Well one sentence down, shouldn't be too hard from here on in...

Call me lazy but the reason for this blog is so I can share my recipes with my family and friends and so I don't have to keep writing them down or emailing them!

I started taking an interest in cooking relatively late in my childhood when I realised that if I didn't like what my parents were feeding me (sorry Mum!) I should do something about it and make things that looked good to me. In true form I began to obsess over cookbooks, looking for a challenge, trying things out and seeing how I went. Surprisingly (especially for me!) my family didn't spit it out or drop dead. So from there cooking became like a challenge: Can I make my own pasta? Can I make bread? Can I make a rabbit ragu? What does a fresh truffle taste like? How can I cook with it?

I hope that you enjoy me sharing my kitchen with you.

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